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Meet Anna Shoemaker!

Anna Shoemaker is one of our Front Desk team members, and is currently studying to become a doula.

Hey everyone! When asked to write a bio & introduce myself to you all my first thought was how in the world do I sum up who I am and my journey that got me there?? This is an impossible task, I am a little of everything! You may see me on Mondays at the Front Desk here at Freshwater Wellness, (every now and then Lisa and I may throw you a curveball though and you’ll spot me on a random day), how lucky am I to be a part of this amazing Women In Wellness team?!?! Dr Emily and Dr Abbie were some of the first people I met when moving to Frankfort fulltime in 2016 so when asked to join their team it was a no-brainer!

I have lived all over Michigan from the Metro-Detroit and Bay City areas, to finally landing in beautiful Arcadia! I am a mom to two amazing daughters who will graduate next year, leaving me and my husband to live the open road camping lifestyle we are both looking forward to, (of course we will keep our home here too for work purposes). My husband and I both came into the marriage with daughters who just happen to have birthdays two days apart, they quickly became close friends and made blending our family perfect! We are huge family people as we both come from blended families that taught us how to love all and enjoy being from larger families, (although our nieces and nephews are our favorite visitors but don’t tell the others that ;) .

I have taken nursing classes and at one point in life, that is where I had planned to stay, ( I mean, after all, I did spend over 20yrs in healthcare working everything from nursing homes, hospitals, family practice, and of course homecare, but things change and I no longer see myself there). While I love nursing, it was clear I started young and with the changes in healthcare over the course of 20yrs I found myself wanting more of the old ways than new, (back when patients came before profit). I took a break, managed some food and beverage, dabbled in emergency management, worked at the local brewery in Frankfort, coached volleyball, and am now here! I have my associates in general studies with a focus in healthcare and psychology since I wasn’t sure where I wanted life to take me, I went that route. I am always open to more schooling and learning and knew someday I would return to healthcare, I just needed to find my place in it. After lots of soul searching and research, I decided to go after becoming a certified Doula and will complete that this summer where I can continue to work for myself, put my schooling to use, and keep my focus on patient first care.

In my free time I am an avid crafter, love a good round of golf, live for sports of all kinds, (however baseball owns my heart, GO TIGERS), and can never get enough of Northern Michigans trails and beaches!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Step out and live your best life! Today will never come again, be a blessing and a friend. Encourage someone, take time to care, and always let your words heal, not wound.



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