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Meet Christina Ryan-Stoltz

I fancied myself a gypsy and was studying to be a traveling journalist or an art teacher/photographer in the summer when I was younger. But after becoming a mama I started working at a natural foods restaurant and my passion for healthy living was ignited. First I became a student of the Clayton College of Natural Health, which was a correspondence course at the time (late 90’s, pre-online school era!). Then I began attending countless lectures, conferences, workshops and apprenticeships in herbalism, gaining wisdom and confidence in a part of myself I had never considered (or explored) until motherhood; the nurturing and intuitive me. This inspired me to certify as a doula and for awhile I believed whole heartedly I would become a midwife. I decided I would go to massage school so that I could massage my way through lay-midwifery training and learn a valuable skill for supporting other mamas. Once I became a massage therapist, I wanted to focus solely on healing—body mind and soul—so I went through additional training to become a Master Bodyworker. I was really interested in the link between releasing chronic holding patterns through connective tissue work and the subsequent emotional liberation that often occurs. Living in a rural community fit well with my passion for learning— I had to diversify my offerings to meet the needs of my community rather than have one niche, like many will in urban areas. So I studied more (folk) herbalism, added holistic nutrition, shamanic bodywork, reiki, life coaching, women’s healing, spirituality and wisdom (to name just a few!). I became an ordained minister. And, after immersing myself in the healing process from the death of my only child, I developed “Mourning Meditation”— for fellow grievers to (try to) find their way through, together. 

Always hungry for more, my education continues. Being able to serve others along side this team of Women in Wellness is a privilege and drives me to keep cultivating my practice to meet the ever increasing needs of our community, in body, mind and spirit. 

I still paint and write in my free time! I also love to be outdoors, particularly on a forest footpath in the early morning sun. I married a dear childhood friend and we love living and working where we were raised. We also love to travel. We have 1 wonder dog named Moon who we compete for who loves the most.

“May the work of your hands be a symbol of reverence and gratitude for the human condition”— Mahatma Gandhi

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