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We have two main types of visits at Freshwater Wellness:

  • StartFresh: Our Initial appointment for individuals who have never been seen at Freshwater Wellness or if it's been over 2 years. 

  • ReFresh: These are for our established patients, who have been seen by one of our providers in the last 2 years. 

  • FreshFace: These are the appointments geared towards those who want to refresh and rejuvenate their skin. 


In order to better direct your booking needs, review Dr. Abigail's bio and services for brief descriptions of Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture and some of her clinical focuses. 

Also, please read the service descriptions on this page prior to booking your appointment. You can book online by clicking below, or call us to schedule.  

ND StartFresh - 90min

For patients that are new to the clinic, or have not been seen in the last 2 years, and are interested in Naturopathic care. This visit will include a full medical history, review of diet/lifestyle and current supplements, naturopathic assessment and discussion of recommendations.  Please bring in any labs you would like reviewed by Dr. Abigail to better inform naturopathic recommendations. 

Note: If you established with Dr. Abigail within the last 6 months at another clinic, please use the ND 60min visit option. 



Acu StartFresh- 60min

If you are new to the clinic, or have not been seen in over 2 years.  This visit is designed for those seeking acupuncture or a full hour of cupping and/or Asian bodywork. We will focus on a symptom specific history, Chinese medicine assessment, including pulse, tongue and palpation to best direct acupuncture point protocol. If indicated, cupping and/or Asian bodywork may be included in your treatment.  Please wear or bring comfortable, loose fitting clothes or shorts. 

Note: this appointment type does not allow for complete supplement and/or lab review.  If this is a service you in which you are interested, please select an ND or ND/Acu visit type. 



ND/Acu Start Fresh - 120min

If you are new to the clinic, and interested in an Naturopathic visit, with an acupuncture treatment at the same appointment, or if you are interested in acupuncture in the future, this is the appointment for you. Typically, we spend 75-90min discussing health history, performing Naturopathic and Chinese medical assessments, allowing for 20-30min of time resting with acupuncture needles. 



ND ReFresh - Time based on Need

These are the follow up visits for Naturopathic care, and are available in 60min, 45min, 30min and 15min time increments and based on the complexity of the discussion.  All of these visits can be conducted virtually, through our HIPAA compliant telehealth system. Typically, Dr. Abigail will indicate the length of time needed at the previous visit. Here are some general rules of thumb: 

  • 60min ($225): New lab review for established patient, Review of diet diary, Last appointment >1 year prior, bodywork of any type.

  • 45min ($175): Repeat lab reviews after initiation of treatments, supplement review, etc. 

  • 30min ($125): brief check in on current treatment plan, basic adjustments to supplements, new onset, acute symptom, etc. 

  • 15min ($75): brief clarifying questions to current treatment plan, etc. 


Acu ReFresh - 60min

Follow up acupuncture visit for patients who have been seen within the last 2 years. Includes brief check-in on progress since previous visit (10-15min) with 30-40 min of treatment.  While you are resting with needles, Dr. Abigail may be working with another patient in a different room. Online booking may not reflect the 60min appointment, but please plan for that as the allotted time for this treatment. 

$110/$165 (TC Only)


FreshFace Acupuncture Package- 60min

Sold as a package of 10, and schedule up to 2x per week, this is the initial phase of treatment for Dr. Abigail's facial acupuncture, which includes facial cupping and gua sha. 



FreshFace Acupuncture Follow up - 60min

After completion of the Acu Facial Rejuvenation package, these appointments are for maintenance of the results achieved in the Facial Rejuvenation Package.  Typically, Dr. Abigail recommends month Acu Facial ReFresh sessions.  



FreshFace PRP Microneedling - 90min

Microneedling with Platelet-Rich-Plasma  (PRP) can increase the rate of healing, which may improve the appearance of acne scars, discoloration and offer a noninvasive, natural solution to your skincare concerns.  Dr. Abigail will do a skin assessment, and tailor your treatment to you skincare goals. Treatment includes home after care products from Bioelements



Ultimate FreshFace PRP - 105min

Our ultimate jumpstart package includes microneedling and targeted injections with PRP, as well as home aftercare products from Bioelements. Dr. Abigail will complete a skin assessment and discuss your goals to create a custom treatment plan that suits your needs and achieves the best possible results. With her expertise and helpful hints along the way, you’ll have everything you need for your FreshFaced journey.


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