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Navigating your Online Portals

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Technology can be great, when it’s working for you, but what if it’s not?

Well, we feel your pain and want to offer some quick tech support links to help you navigate your online Freshwater Virtual Apothecary (through FullScript) and your patient portal (through Charm).  So let’s jump right in!


How it works: 

Clinics can make recommendations based on your complaints, and then send you a link to where you can order specific products and see how you are supposed to be taking something and for how long.  As a clinician, we can also set up general protocols and upload resources to the FullScript platform, and grant you access to those. 

Additionally, some clinics, like Freshwater Wellness, have a more general access point, where you can set up an account to better access professional brands, without an individual recommendation.  This may be limited to specific brands, however, and it’s always best to check with your healthcare provider before initiating a new product.  

So, you’re ready to get started?

Here are a couple of links to help you setup and navigate your account: 

Using Multiple Dispensaries in FullScript.

We understand and support your work with multiple clinics/providers, and want to make sure you can easily navigate your dispensaries!  Here are some tips on how you can order through FullScript, even if you have multiple clinics making recommendations for you!

  • You can actually have multiple online clinic apothecaries/dispensaries set up to your one account.  This means you may not see the specific recommendations from a provider, unless you have the correct apothecary/dispensary selected. Here is how you can switch apothecaries/dispensaries:

  • You can combine orders from multiple dispensaries, so you can pay and ship them at the same time.  Here is how:

  • If you are no longer working with a provider/clinic and would like to clean up your account, you can remove a dispensary, but you will need to call FullScript (1-866-807-3828), email ( you can message them through their website to have them do so. 


Patient portals can sometimes be very frustrating to setup and navigate, so we wanted to offer some helpful tips on how to make this process a little easier. Also, if you are already set up with another clinic’s Charm portal, never fear! You can easily add a practice/clinic to your account, which allows you to toggle between clinics and share information as you need with only one login and password.  

Hopefully these tools will help you navigate our online platforms, but if you have any other questions, feel free to call/text 231-492-0046 for more information.

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